Chamber & Electroacoustic Music

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This piece examines the experience of betrayal via narcissistic personality disorder. For fixed media, drum set, and xylophone. This audio is a simulation of a real recording, made by combining the fixed media with samples and recordings of extended techniques. 

Mobilize was commissioned by carillonist Tiffany Ng in 2017. This recording was made in Canberra, Australia in March 2018. 

Making it
A piece illustrating the process of trying to "make it" as a creative professional - applying for opportunities, waiting, waiting more, getting hopeful, receiving rejections, receiving the occasional exciting opportunity, then back to the waiting and working and applying, one foot in front of the other. 
For two violins, classical guitar, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and clarinet. Performed by musicians at the Toronto Creative Music Lab in June 2017.

I would have said something but I didn't want to sound
A reading by Wet Ink of a piece about the difficulty of speaking up.
For soprano, flute, violin, alto sax, piano and percussion.

In my work with older adults suffering from dementia, I have often been humbled by the courage, humor and immense resourcefulness they show, even in the face of nightmarish confusion. Mabel is dedicated to Mabel Helen Wegener (1925-2015). If it ever comes to it, I hope I can be even half as brave as she was.

For string quartet. This recording is of a reading by Spektral Quartet.