Manuscript & Poem Consultation

Elisabeth has been incredible. She has pushed me to improve my manuscript to a degree I hadn't thought possible. She has not only helped me to clarify and tidy, but also to deepen and intensify. If you choose Elisabeth, you will have to work hard. And you will be wowed by the results.”

— Sarah-Jean Krahn, author of Weed Apologue (Don't Die Press, 2017) and A Girl Who Was His House (Gothic Funk Press, 2020)

Services for Poets

All services can be done remotely.

  • Full-length or chapbook-length manuscript consultation:
    I offer detailed feedback and suggestions for making your book the best it can possibly be. First, I'll ask you a lot of questions about your intentions for the work - the audience, the mood, the message, the content, the style. I believe that grappling with these questions is a central part of the revision process, and that my role is to be a gentle interrogator. Then, based on your answers to these questions, I'll provide specific, tailored suggestions for how to meet your goals and intentions, on both the macro- and micro-scales: the overall form and flow of the work, and the role of each individual word. 
  • Feedback on individual poems: 
    With the same process as above, I help your poems reach their highest potential.
Elisabeth sees the potential in a poem and is willing to play with possibilities. Her suggestions are empathic to the poem's intent, incisive, and delivered with genuine regard. She has cleared the dross from many of my muddled poems, encouraging both clarity and complexity where needed. I recommend her unreservedly.”

— Malisa Garlieb, author of Handing Out Apples in Eden (Wind Ridge Books, 2014)

For my initial reading of a manuscript I charge a low hourly fee, and after I've made this first pass, I will work with you to come to a fixed, affordable fee for the project that suits your specific goals and the needs of the manuscript.  

For consultation on individual poems I charge by the hour, with a one-hour minimum.