Manuscript & Poem Consultation

Services for Poets

All services can be done remotely.

  • Full-length or chapbook-length manuscript consultation:
    I offer detailed feedback and suggestions for making your book the best it can possibly be. First, I'll ask you questions about your intentions for the work - the audience, the mood, the message, the content, the style. I believe that grappling with these questions is a central part of the revision process, and that my role is to be a gentle interrogator. Then, based on your answers, I'll provide specific, tailored suggestions for how to meet your goals and intentions, on both the macro- and micro-scales: the overall form and flow of the work, and the role of each individual word. 
  • Feedback on individual poems: 
    With the same process as above, I help your poems reach their highest potential.

Note: If you are lower-income, I am open to a sliding scale for the below fees, and/or an exchange of services.

For my initial reading of a manuscript I charge a $25 hourly fee. This first reading generally takes between 1-4 hours, but it varies according to the length and complexity of the manuscript. After I've made this first pass, I will work with you to arrive at an affordable fixed fee (non-hourly) for the project that suits your specific goals and the needs of the manuscript.  

For consultation on individual poems I charge $25/hour, with a one-hour minimum. 

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