Listening to Ladies

Listening to Ladies is a podcast featuring interviews with women who compose contemporary classical music. Learn more at

Compass New Music Series

Compass New Music Series (formerly the Listening to Ladies concert series) partners with ensembles to help showcase music by those who, due to their gender identities, experience disenfranchisement under the patriarchy, which in the classical/new music world continues to support and showcase primarily cisgender males.


A Brief History of Women Composers 

This lecture covers the history of women's engagement with the classical music world as both performer and composer, the societal and structural roadblocks that women composers faced historically and continue to face, and the problems with a male-constructed canon. It also introduces a sampling of the wealth of music past and present which women have composed. It delves into the powerful role implicit bias continues to play in decisions about who is allowed opportunities (such as admission to an orchestra, a university, a faculty, a residency, a contest). Some intersectional concerns are also introduced, including the struggles which composers of color have faced for hundreds of years, and further problems surrounding gender which the field is currently grappling with.
This lecture can be modified to fit a variety of needs - it may take the shape of a broad survey of women and people of color in classical music history, with contextual elements surrounding gender and racial discrimination, or it may be much more focused on the detailed problems, both historical and contemporary, faced by the field. 

Individual Women Composers

Engaging, fascinating lectures on the lives and struggles of individual women composers of history are available, including Ethel Smyth (see my article in Second Inversion), Amy Beach, Vítêszlava Kaprálová, Florence Price, and others. These include a survey of the composer's life and career trajectory, the struggles she faced as a woman in the field, audio excerpts of her music, and the reception of her music by both the music world and the broader public, both then and now.  

Arts Entrepreneurship

Meant for those interested in engaging in freelance creative activities or in pursuing opportunities for growth and education outside of academia. This talk is structured more like a conversation than a formal lecture, and specifically addresses the goals and needs of the individual participants. It covers time management, artist residencies, creating projects from the ground up, community outreach possibilities, and expanding audiences to include members of communities outside the limited scope of your own circles. It also touches on the benefits of tools like podcasting and participatory social media engagement (rather than using it merely as a place to advertise one's own wares/events), and emphasizes community building as ultimately the best way to advance one's own career. In other words, to receive, one needs to give. If, as the adage says, success depends largely on "who you know," seek to expand who you know by expanding whom you have helped, who you've shared your resources with, and whose voices and creativity you've helped to showcase.

Creative Workshops

I offer workshops to groups of all ages and abilities, with the core of my experience being with older adults and those with dementia, in the following creative areas:

  • Musical improvisation
  • Songwriting
  • Visual art (using ink, watercolor, pencil, pen)
  • Poetry
  • Crafts


It is extremely important to me that my services remain accessible to all. Please contact me with your needs and we can work out a price that works for both of us, or alternatively, work together to find a third party funding source.