Stage Magicians

For many years I've been working with Christopher Howell, a magician based in London, to create music for his stage show. In most of the tracks the melody is left out - he adds it during the live show by singing. Yes! He's a singing magician - and he's amazing! Here are some examples of what I've made for him - three MIDI orchestration tracks and a live recording of a pump melodeon played by Graeme Shields.

Christopher and I also created a children's album based on his live magic show for children, The Magical Island. 

Recently I have been working also with British magician Romany Diva to create music for her stage acts.

Film & TV

Industry of the Ordinary - Performance Artists

In 2012 I produced a faux country song in a collaboration with singer/songwriter Nick Pichet for Chicago-based performance artists Industry of the Ordinary which was featured in their retrospective at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Connor Coyne - Author

Over the last 10 years I have frequently worked with author Connor Coyne to create music to accompany his novels - both recorded works and music created for live performances to accompany his readings. Here are a few examples.

Various Theatre Projects

Antigonish: This piece was created for a short 10-minute play 'I Met A Man' by Aaron Sarka, which was performed on 8/2/2015 at the Public House Theatre in Chicago, IL. The text is from an 1899 poem of the same name by Hughes Mearns.

We're Not Afraid of God's Blade: A setting of a poem by Rumi, created for the theatre production 'AWOL,' which was performed in 2009 at the Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago, IL.

Cover image: A group of wonderful folky Chicago musicians (+Elisabeth on far right) at Jun Bar.
Photo by Stacee Droege.