1. Little Bird

From the recording Country of Origin


Oh lord, the same things keep happening
Vines along my wall
I forget to water them all
And the fog comes by and soaks them through
with pieces of dew, dew do do

There was water in my hands
held to a little bird's beak
"Feed the bird and take good care"
"Feed him too much and the bird will fall"
Come rest with me on the fenced off wall
And don't make me leave the vicinity
where I dropped the little bird, don't make me, don't make me

The people they want me
For something I don't know
But I have only some songs to show

Lover you fell and it's my fault you know
I dropped you and then there was a hustle and bustle
And I was on the ground trying to find you little bird

Oh lord, the same things keep happening
Come on and help me lord to sing

Dew do do do

Trying to look like I don't really care
Singing songs looking up at my hair
Simple little lyrics and a nonchalance
Little bit of angst and a story of haunts;
bad dreams

The other morning (and I promise you it's true) I woke up saying 'Oh my god, oh my god' for you